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Managing Broker

 A managing broker is a broker who has  the responsibility to manage an office or agency, all aspects of  operations, conduct of agents or others in that office and compliance. 


 A real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of  REALTORS®, which means that he or she must uphold the standards of the  association and its code of ethics.  

Director - National Council of Exchangors

The National Council of Exchangors (NCE) is a non-profit trade  association comprised of real estate licensed professionals from across the country.  We meet at our national conference, where we host educational events and conduct marketing meetings.  At conferences, our members have the opportunity to present offerings towards the sale and exchange of their real estate nationwide.  

NCE understands that knowledge and creativity are the keys to success  for our clients and our profession. Our members achieve high levels of  education in the following areas:  

Counseling – Creative Formulas - Exchanging - Financing - Marketing – Tax Considerations - Transaction Structure.  NCE also offers the Equity Marketing Specialist (EMS) real estate designation to its qualified members. 

Equity Marketing Specialist (EMS)

EMS  Designation.  The NCE Board of Directors has taken important steps to increase the prestige and credibility of the Equity Marketing Specialist (EMS) designation.  Receiving the EMS designation requires all members  satisfy certain educational and experience requirements before they are  awarded the EMS designation. 

Past President - Colorado Creative Marketing Exchange

Colorado Creative Marketing Exchange is a group of local exchangor groups that get together to do business.  Mile High Exchangors (MHE), Pueblo Association of Exchangors (PAX),  Pikes Peak Exchangors (PPE), Northern Colorado Equity Exchange (NCEE) plus more! 

Past President - Pikes Peak Exchangors

Long before money, people traded one thing for another.  In the last century, groups of real estate professionals began to affiliate and align with other like minded folks to facilitate the much underutilized vehicle of commerce known as Equity Exchanging.  We, at Pikes Peak Exchangors, have been involved in this practice for better than 50 years.  We know the Ins and Outs of Exchanging, the tools, the motivations and the people who can bring about successful transactions.  

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